Meet our Milwaukee Dental Team


Jackie – Registered Dental Hygienist

Jackie - Scheduling Coordinator

Jackie has been a member of our Milwaukee dental team since 2004. Previously she received her AAS in Business Management with a minor certificate in accounting.

As one of our dental hygienists, Jackie will be able to maintain your optimal level of dental health. Jackie can help out dental assisting and scheduling appointments as well. Jackie loves the flexible hours of her job in dentistry, the fun atmosphere, variety of duties within the dental office, and having the satisfaction of knowing that she has really helped someone. Jackie has recently completed her re-education as a dental hygienist at MATC here in Milwaukee.

Jackie has been married to Harry since 1990 and has a son, Matthew. In her spare time she enjoys reading, doing crosswords, and riding on their Harley.

Judy – Insurance Coordinator

Judy - Insurance Coordinator

Judy is married to Dr. Paul Levine. She has helped out in the dental office in several different capacities needed since 1991.

Currently, Judy helps out in the dental office with the dental insurance claims for our patients. She loves being able to help our dental patients know how their dental insurance benefits. She also likes to explain how it can help them with their dental treatment. Unfortunately she is charged with following up when dental insurance hasn’t done what promised. Judy is also delighted to help you schedule any dental appointments you may need.

When not in the office, Judy enjoys spending time with Dr. Paul and their three children, Abigail, Benjimin, and Brianna. She likes to read, spend time with her mother, and tend to her garden.

Lisa – Dental Assistant

Lisa - Dental Assistant

Lisa has worked in Milwaukee dental offices since 1991 in various capacities. She considers herself the jack-of-all-trades. SHe helps out as a clinical dental assistant, helping dental patients with their dental insurance and their financial obligations for dental treatment.

Lisa has been fortunate to have attended many continuing dental education courses across the county. Lisa gets great satisfaction in helping our dental patients achieve their dental health. She is proud of the dental portrait wall in our dental office and having helped those dental patients to smile again.

Lisa is married to Paul, and has an adult son, Zachary. She enjoys reading, camping, road trips, and relaxing at home.

Matt – Dental Assistant

Matt - Dental Assistant

Matt is one of Dr. Paul Levine’s dental assistants. He has worked with this Milwaukee dental team since 2004, and hasn’t looked back since.

Matt does more than just dental assisting. Matt handles the IT, social media management, and dental marketing aspects at the dental office. He enjoys being able to help our dental patients achieve their smile goals. Matt us currently pursuing an education to become a dentist himself. He has also provided supplemental instruction with Dr. Paul Levine to students at the Marquette University School of Dentistry. The topics presented were of social media and its impact on dentistry and dental marketing. Matt has also presented on social media topics at the annual dental meetings of the Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA). Matt is also a published author in the Wisconsin Dental Association dental journal as well as a publication for an Arizona dental association.

When not at the dental office, Matt enjoys sports, video games, his family, and the latest in technology. He and his wife Nicole are blessed with two wonderful daughters, Mikayla and Gwendolyn.

Melissa – Registered Dental Hygenist

Melissa - Registered Dental Hygenist

Melissa has been a dental hygienist with this Milwaukee dental team since 2006. She received her degree in Dental Hygiene in 2004.

Melissa has attended many continuing dental education courses in her years in practice. She truly loves what she does in the dental field. Melissa enjoys her co-workers in the Milwaukee dental office. She finds working in the state-of-the-art dental practice very satisfying. Patients are her number one priority. She enjoys helping her dental patients achieve and maintain their optimal dental health.

When not at the office in Milwaukee, Melissa enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Stacey – Registered Dental Hygienist & Dental Office Manager

Stacey - Registered Dental Hygienist & Office Manager

Registered Dental Hygienist Stacey has been an integral member of our five-star Milwaukee dental team since 1998. She graduated with a degree in Dental Hygiene from MATC. Before joining Dr. Paul Levine and his dental team, she worked in another local  dental office as a dental assistant.

Stacey enjoys meeting our new dental patients. She is passionate in providing them with many dental treatment options to obtain their optimal dental health. Stacey has been trained and certified to administer dental anesthetic to our all of our dental patients here at our Brown Deer dental office.

Stacey likes to stay up to date on all the modern dental technologies available. Dr. Paul Levine makes that possible by taking the team to many  continuing dental education courses. Training sessions and adding the newest dental technologies available to our dental office is a source of pride for Stacey and the rest of the dental team. Recently, Dr. Levine and the team have transitioned into a nearly paperless dental office.

Stacey has been married to Steve since 1996. Together they have two wonderful children, Amanda and Brandon. She enjoys spending time with her family. She spends most of the summer involved in softball and baseball, riding bikes and seeing movies.