Dental Cleaning and Dental Prevention

“I just want a dental cleaning.”

A dental cleaning is part of a greater picture. A true dental cleaning is also much more than what you are able to accomplish on your own at home. It is vital to see a trained and registered dental hygienist or a dentist to be sure your smile is in the best of health.

A true dental prevention (or recare) program is a joint effort between our patients and our experienced dental team here at Levine Dental. Our goal is to preserve your natural teeth, gums, and bones by preventing the onset, progression, and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions. By seeing Dr. Levine and his team on a regular basis for a dental cleaning, they can catch dental issues before they become a larger problem. By preventing dental disease before it starts, we are able to keep those treatment options more simple to do and less costly for you.

dental cleaning - brush floss

Preventing dental disease starts at home with good oral hygiene habits and a well-balanced diet. That prevention program is coupled when you visit our dental office. With a regular dental cleaning and the watchful eyes of Dr. Levine and his team, your smile is in the utmost care. Kids can benefits from Sealants, which can be applied during a dental cleaning appointment.

With regular dental exams, a dental cleaning, and digital x-rays Dr. Levine and his team of registered dental hygienists are able to keep treatment as simple and painless as possible. There are other great preventive products and treatments available at the office which include dental sealants and a topical fluoride treatment. Yes, even adults can obtain benefits of a fluoride treatment. Ask your hygienist how fluoride could benefit you. Or click here on Fluoride Treatments.

With these steps to develop and maintain a dental prevention plan, we can avoid serious and costly dental problems and this dental plan is the key to having a healthy, confident, and beautiful smile.

Learn about plaque control on our How to Brush and How to Floss pages. All athletes or rec-league participants should click on Bruxism and Mouthguards for their prevention habits as well.